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Theatre UCF seeks to develop theatre artists of the highest quality. We provide our students with the training, education, and experiences necessary for the successful pursuit of professional theatre careers. Our goal is to develop and graduate student artists who are sensitive, aware, and total human beings by providing our students with conservatory training within the context of a Liberal Arts education. A well-rounded education involves an understanding of our place in the universe, and insights into the human condition, without which it is impossible for artists to interpret dramatic works accurately, sensitively, and with true artistry.

Our program is designed to give our students a competitive edge by:

  • Providing intensive classroom work in theatre theory and practice, along with personal experiences designed to develop theatre skills of the highest quality.
  • Providing extensive practical production opportunities that develop student skills in performance, design/technology, stage management and theatre administration.
  • Developing high artistic standards in our students, faculty, and staff through production and classroom work utilizing professional guest artists and teachers. The use of professional guest artists and teachers is also essential to the establishment of a student's "professional theatre network."
  • Creating and maintaining a professional environment necessary for the continued growth and development of our students, faculty, and staff.




  • Dance prepares pre-professional dancers in a dynamic environment conducive to the highest caliber of both practice and scholarship. The Dance Minor offers a foundation in dance techniques, dance history, composition, and performance
  • Theatre provides an excellent foundation in theatre as a complement to any field of study.



  • Theatre, M.A. is intended to provide high school teachers, community college teachers, and developing theatre scholars the opportunity to strengthen skills and knowledge of theatre beyond the undergraduate level
  • Theatre - Theatre for Young Audiences, M.F.A. designed for students who demonstrate the artistic and intellectual capacity and evidence of professional promise to pursue careers in professional and academic theatre. The Theatre for Young Audiences track works in close partnership with the Orlando Repertory Theatre, a professional theatre for family audiences
  • Theatre - Themed Experience, M.F.A. teaches the creative and production skills, process and concepts utilized to design and produce themed environments such as theme parks, zoos, aquariums, themed retail, dining, museums, virtual worlds and exhibitions
  • Theatre, Acting, M.F.A. designed for students who demonstrate the artistic and intellectual capacity and evidence of professional promise to pursue careers in professional and academic theatre
  • Theatre, with a concentration in Musical Theatre, M.A. is focused on the pedagogy and methodology of musical theatre. This new program will provide intense instructional training over the course of two summers and the academic year, intended to give practitioners, middle, high school, and community college teachers the opportunity to strengthen skills and knowledge of musical theatre beyond the undergraduate level. The program begins in summer 2018 and continues for four semesters. The fall and spring semesters can be completed on campus or online.

Related Programs

  • Entertainment Management, B.S. (joint program with the Rosen College of Hospitality Management) immerses students in the business side of entertainment in design, engineering, operations, finance and marketing and equips them to identify, create and manage successful entertainment products

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