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The Bachelor of Fine Arts track in Musical Theatre serves those students interested in a career on the musical theatre stage. It is offered for students who, upon graduation, plan to pursue a specialized career in professional theatre. Because of its geographic location, UCF is a top choice for students interested in musical theatre. BFA standards are high, both for admission and for continuation in the program. Production assignments are regulated to serve the artistic growth of students, coordinating production experience with classroom exploration.

The Musical Theatre B.F.A. program offers a sequence of courses in acting, movement, voice, dance, music theory, and piano. Classwork is augmented with practical production experiences. Drawing upon a variety of acting, dance, and voice methodologies, the professional musical theatre performance program offers an organic approach to musical theatre performance training. The first two years focus on the fundamentals of music theory, piano, acting, ballet, jazz, and musical theatre voice, with an emphasis on the development of artist's instrument. During the junior and senior years, emphasis is placed on studio training, musical theatre scene study, and musical theatre repertoire.

Throughout four years of study, the faculty seeks to instill within its students the necessity for an in-depth understanding of the musical theatre performance process and upon the development of personal working methodologies. The senior year is highlighted by the professional internship.

The BFA Musical Theatre program is a conservatory approach in a liberal arts university, meaning that your studies in the Theatre Department will be very intense with technique/theory classes in addition to University general education requirements (English, math, sciences, computers, history, etc.) You can find those requirements at the UCF website. If you are taking AP and/or Honors courses, we strongly encourage you to take advanced placement exams to help ease your general education requirements when you get here. Dual enrollment credits also are helpful and will transfer to UCF.

Estill Voice Training logoThe UCF Department of Theatre is one of three Educational Affiliates of Estill Voice International™ in the world. Educational Affiliates are institutions that include Estill Voice Training™ in their curriculum and have at least two faculty members who are EVT Representatives (Certified Master Teachers or Certified Course Instructors). Estill Voice Training helps singers and speakers find a full range of expression in their voices, while promoting healthy vocal habits.


The Bachelor of Fine Arts track in Musical Theatre is a limited-access program. Click the link below for audition details.

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