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The University of Central Florida’s School of Performing Arts is launching a new Master of Arts in Theatre with a concentration in Musical Theatre, beginning Summer, 2018.  The focus of this new program will be on the pedagogy and methodology of musical theatre.  The M.A. Theatre/Musical Theatre Concentration program provides developing theatre scholars and middle school, high school, and community college teachers the opportunity to strengthen skills and knowledge of musical theatre beyond the undergraduate level.

The M.A. Theatre/Musical Theatre Concentration provides a combination of theoretical study and practical performance training. Its purpose, however, is not to train persons for professional performance careers in the arts and entertainment industry.  M.A. students typically pursue a variety of goals: increasing specific theatrical skills, extending theatre skills into new areas, or in the case of educators, expanding their expertise and credentials.

Minimum requirements for admission are a B.A. or B.F.A. degree, preferably in theatre or a related performance field. Each student interested in the program must apply to and be accepted by the UCF College of Graduate Studies.  Students also need to submit to the Theatre Department the application materials required by that department.

University applications must be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies no later than April 15, 2018. Students must submit application materials to UCF's Graduate Studies and the Department of Theatre by the final deadline in order to be considered for this program.  The University of Central Florida employs an online application process which can be accessed at Additional materials must be submitted directly to the Theatre Department.

Any questions about these requirements should be directed to Earl D. Weaver, Coordinator of Musical Theatre, at


Submit to the Office of Graduate Studies

  • Online Application
  • Application Fee
  • Official Transcripts (in a sealed envelope) from each college/university attended
  • Residency Classification Form
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Résumé
  • Three (3) Current Letters of Recommendation

Submit to the Theatre Department

  • In person interview
  • Statement of Purpose/Goals for Pursuing the Program
  • Headshot/photo
  • Résumé
  • Three (3) Current Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts (can be unofficial)

NOTE:  Statement of Purpose, Headshot/Photo, Resume, Letters of Recommendation and Transcripts can be sent as PDFs in an email to or mailed via U.S. postal service directly to:

Earl D. Weaver
Coordinator of Musical Theatre
University of Central Florida
School of Performing Arts/Theatre Department
12488 Centaurus Blvd.
Orlando, Florida 32816

Letters of recommendation and copies of transcripts can be the same as what is submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies.  However, you will need to send separate copies of those documents to the Theatre Department, as we do not have access to materials submitted through the online application process.

Once all Theatre Department application materials are received, an in-person interview will be scheduled with the Coordinator.

Are There Graduate Assistantships?

There are no graduate assistantships associated with this program.  All students will be required to finance coursework requirements on their own.

Is There On-Campus Housing Available?

On-campus housing is not available during the summer sessions.  Students will be responsible for finding their own living accommodations while studying on campus.

What classes will be required?

Coursework for the M.A. Theatre/Musical Theatre Concentration will include study and application of Estill Voice Technique, Musical Theatre Directing, Research Methods, Acting Methodologies, Musical Theatre Dance Composition/Choreography, and Script/Score Analysis.

Course requirements will be completed during two 6-week summer intensives of face-to-face classes on the UCF campus (June 25-August 3) combined with project-oriented theatre practicums and online coursework during the academic year.  Completion of 39 graduate-level credit hours, including a Master’s Thesis, are required for the program.

M.A. Theatre/Musical Theatre Concentration Course Sequence

Required courses:

Class Name Credits
THE 5910 Research Methods in Theatre 3
THE 6308 Script and Score Analysis 3
THE 6344 Musical Theatre Directing 3
TPP 5754 MT Voice 1 (Estill 1) 2
TPP 6755 MT Voice 2 (Estill 2) 2
TPP 5554 MT Dance 1 2
THE 5945L Theatre Practicum 1 1
THE 5946L Theatre Practicum 2 1
THE 6947 Theatre Practicum 3 1
THE 6918 Directed Research 1
TPP 6933 Acting Studio 5 2
THE 6971 Thesis 9
  Electives 9

Elective options:

THE 6908 Independent Study 6-9


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