UCF School of Performing Arts Fall 2020 FAQ

Coronavirus Updates: Click here for more information

Public offerings, including concerts, recitals, lectures, exhibitions, theatre performances, etc., are cancelled or postponed at least through March 29. UCF Celebrates the Arts 2020, planned for April 7-19 at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, is also cancelled, as are several other events extending into April. Click here for more information.

College of Arts and Humanities

Simply Dance: Theatre UCF Dance Showcase

April 12 - April 13

Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Alexis & Pugh Theater
445 S. Magnolia Ave. Orlando

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UCF dancers and choreographers cast away the elaborate costumes and focus on movement, form, and raw talent.

Sponsored by Florida Blue

See the complete schedule of events for UCF Celebrates the Arts 2015

  • Cast

    Take Me Home
    Choreograher: Sarah Skinner
    Carlos Ashby, Jasmine Glover, Evan Jones, Vicki League, Jordan Mericle, Mike Nisson, Mikey Reichert, Gabriella Robilotto, Jared Sierra, Chloe Webb

    Let There Be Light
    Choreograher: Carli Schiffres
    Kathleen Gaeta, Melissa Folgueras, Cyrene Molineros, Carli Schiffres

    Mortal Kombat: Audition Edition
    Choreograher: Vicki League
    Angela Amore, Shannon Cantalupo, Erica Chu, Madison Gunst, Jordan Mericle, Andrea Sanchez

    Choreograher: Kathleen Gaeta
    Savannah Bochnik, Alison Coffey, Gia Doxey, Kathleen Gaeta, Evan Jones, Christopher Payen, Kristin Stevenson

    Crazy In Love
    Choreograher: Diane Hasenbank
    Kelsey Eckerson, Katelyn Taylor, Andrea Sanchez, Carli Schiffres, Lauren Sullivan

    The Arrival of New Guardians
    Choreograher: Cyrene Molineros
    Jordan Chin, Delaney Cornish, Madison Daniel, Angelina Marks, Cyrene Molineros, Lindsey Wells

    Choreograher: Mayme Paul
    Angela Amore, Shannon Cantalupo, Jackie Coleman, Kelsey Eckerson, Kathleen Gaeta, Jasmine Glover, Casey Lucidi, Allie Sawicki, Kristin Stevenson, Elizabeth Wenzel


    Mission Impossible
    Choreographer: Kyla Peirce
    Adrina Burney, Joshua Goodridge, Madison Gunst, Kyla Peirce, Rachel Watson

    Choreograher: Chloe Webb
    Savannah Bochnik, Shannon Cantalupo, Delaney Cornish, David Klein, Eb Lindholm, Casey Lucidi, Angelina Marks, Gabriella Robilotto, Allie Sawicki, Megan Smith, Lauren Sullivan, Chloe Webb

    The Invasion
    Choreograher: Rachel Watson
    Jordan Chin, Vicki League, Christopher Payen, Carli Schiffres, Jared Sierra, Rachel Watson

    Imagine If…
    Choreograher: Jared Sierra
    Adrina Burney, Alison Coffey, Gia Doxey, David Klein, Mike Nisson, Kyla Peirce, Mikey Reichert, Katelyn Taylor

    Choreograher: Brittany Vasile
    Brittany Vasile

    Magic Bird of Fire
    Choreographer: Judi Siegfried
    Angela Amore, Carlos Ashby, Adrina Burney, Alison Coffey, Madison Daniel, Jackie Dolan, Kelsey Eckerson, Melissa Folgueras, Jasmine Glover, Madison Gunst, Vicki League, Jordan Mericle, Cyrene Molineros, Gabriella Robilotto, Andrea Sanchez, Lauren Sullivan, Rachel Watson

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  • Sunday, April 12, 2015 13:00pm (Sold Out)
  • Monday, April 13, 2015 19:00pm

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