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College of Arts and Humanities

She Loves Me

March 17 - March 26
Theatre, Main Stage(107)

Cost: $20 standard, $18 senior, $10 student

Please join us for a reception with the cast and crew in the lower lobby immediately our opening night performance.

Book by Joe Masteroff
Music by Jerry Bock, Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
Based on a play by Miklos Laszlo
Directed by Earl D. Weaver

Originally Directed on Broadway by Harold Prince
Originally Produced on Broadway by Harold Prince
in Association with Lawrence N. Kasha and Philip C. McKenna
Original Orchestrations by Don Walker
Adapted by Frank Matosich, Jr.

Two feuding perfume clerks have no idea they are in love

In a 1930s perfumery, rivals Amalia and Georg respond to a “lonely hearts” ad in the newspaper, in hopes of finding their soulmates.

“...a continuously melodic evening of sheer enchantment and complete escape.” —The New York Times

She Loves Me is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019

Phone: 212-541-4684 Fax: 212-397-4684

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  • Further Reading

    Setting: 1938 Budapest, Hungary
    A Note from the Director

    Remember when we used to write letters to friends and family?
    Remember when we used to have pen pals to meet people around the world?
    Remember when we used to shop at small businesses, and not just on Saturday because American Express dreamed up a marketing campaign?
    Remember when delivery boys brought us goods via bicycle instead of FedEx and UPS making cardboard box Amazon deliveries?
    Remember when people actually went to a library to get books to read?
    Remember when going out to dinner at a romantic café was special and not a place to stop for takeout on the way home from work?
    In 1938 Budapest, Hungary, people did write letters. They had pen pals. They supported local merchants like Maraczek’s Parfumerie, and Arpad was known all over town for the sound of his bicycle bell as he arrived to deliver purchased goods. They did go to the library to read. And, they did celebrate love and friendship at a small café.
    The world of She Loves Me reflects a time when people lived in a world of both fantasy and reality. This is the world before the Nazis and Communists. We see a glimpse of a depressed economy where businesses are closing, clerks are afraid of losing their jobs, and customers who still had cash to spend were treated like royalty. We also begin to realize that many of these characters probably perished during the Second World War as the Germans and Russians struggled over Budapest.
    As our world has grown more sinister, cynical, and ugly, She Loves Me becomes a testament to hope, dreams, romanticism, decency, and humanity. I hope we’ve created a “romantic atmosphere” for you at this performance. And, the next time you hear the beautiful tinkle of a music box, think about all the people who are special in your life.
    Thank you for joining us!

    —Earl D. Weaver, Director

    A Note from the Dramaturgs

    Originally inspired by Miklós Lázló’s 1936 Hungarian play Parfumerie, the team of Joe Masteroff, Jerold Bock, and Sheldon Harnick joined together to create the five-time Tony Award nominated musical She Loves Me. The 1963 production of She Loves Me ran at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre, which was too small to create much of a profit. She Loves Me, however, has had multiple revivals and concert performances that appeared on Broadway and the West End, as well as a revival that opens on March 17, 2016 at Studio 54 in New York City.

    Parfumerie has inspired a number of TV shows and movies including the 1940 film The Shop around the Corner, the 1949 film In the Good Old Summertime, and the 1998 film You’ve Got Mail. The history of the 1930s tends to get lost because of the decade prior, with the roaring 1920s, and the 1940s World War II decade thereafter. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, businesses and the lower and middle classes were greatly affected, leaving the upper class still living comfortably, benefiting the high-class boutique called Maraczek’s Parfumerie. It might seem as though She Loves Me is a frivolous romantic comedy, but if we look more closely we might see a window into how difficult it was to be a shop owner, entrepreneur, or a simple clerk or salesman in the 1930s between the two World Wars.

    —Colin Brooks & David Klein, Dramaturgs

  • Cast


    1. AmaliaSunny Gay (U/S Colleen Broome)
    2. GeorgTerry Farley (U/S Nick Drivas)
    3. IlonaAllyson Rosenblum (U/S Lexi Nieto)
    4. SiposJoe D’Ambrosi (U/S Brendan Jevons)
    5. Arpad/ViolinistEvan Jones (U/S Mikey Reichert)
    6. Kodaly Julian Kazenas (U/S Joey Herr)
    7. Maraczek Jarrett Poore (U/S Benjamin Walton)
    8. Head WaiterTrevor Starr (U/S David Klein)
    9. BusboyChris Armellino (U/S Kent James Collins)
    10. Male Tango Dancer/KellerCarlos Ashby (U/S Kyle Laing)
    11. Female Tango DancerMeredith Pughe (U/S Jennifer Totcky)
    12. ViktorDaniel McCook (U/S Mikey Reichert)
    13. HugoBrendan Jevons (U/S Mikey Reichert)
    14. OptometristDaniel McCook (U/S Chris Armellino)
    15. NurseHarmony Bordinaro (U/S Sarah Schreck)
    16. StefanieSavannah Rucks (U/S Hayley Scott)
    17. Customers
      Harmony Bordinaro, Alexandra Pica, Meredith Pughe, Savannah Rucks, Allie Sawicki (U/S Katie DeRosa, Sarah Schreck, Hayley Scott, Jennifer Totcky, Jessica Walters)

    18. Carolers
      Chris Armellino, Katie DeRosa, Brendan Jevons Daniel McCook, Sarah Schreck, Hayley Scott, Trevor Starr, Jessica Walters (U/S Carlos Ashby, Kent James Collins, David Klein)

    *All cast members are UCF students.

    Creative Team

    1. DirectorEarl D. Weaver †
    2. Music DirectorDr. Steven Chicurel-Stein †
    3. ChoreographerKyle Laing*
    4. Scenic DesignerJoseph Rusnock †
    5. Costume DesignerTan Huaixiang †
    6. Lighting DesignerAlyx Jacobs*
    7. Sound DesignerRobert Dagit †
    8. Stage ManagerJeana Caporelli*
    9. Assistant DirectorJennifer Totcky*
    10. Choreography AssistantNicolette Quintero*
    11. Rehearsal AccompanistPati Sayers †
    12. Dance CaptainTrevor Starr*
    13. DramaturgsColin Brooks* & David Klein*
    14. Assistant Scenic DesignerEmily O’Sullivan*
    15. Assistant Costume DesignerAllison Rexrode*
    16. Assistant Stage ManagersAlex Jaruszewki* & Chris Newton*
    17. Production Assistant Cameron Foltz*
    18. Advisor to Stage ManagersClaudia Lynch †
    19. Production ManagerGary Brown †
    20. Assistant Production ManagerAlyssa Marinello*
    21. Technical DirectorJohn Heil †
    22. Assistant Technical DirectorMichael Layton †
    23. Assistant to the Lighting DesignerCaitlin Giguere*
    24. Paint ChargeBonnie Sprung
    25. Props MasterLily Novak*
    26. Costume Shop SupervisorDaniel M. Jones †
    27. Costume Workroom SupervisorEmily Wille †
    28. Master ElectricianJacob Lajoie*
    29. Lighting ProgrammerAlex Anderson*
    30. Audio Engineer/MixerJack Audet*
    31. A2Jackie Lawlor*
    32. Follow Spot OperatorsKatherine Darby* & Katy Gentry*
    33. Run CrewMaurice Mallard* & Sabrina Wertman*
    34. Wardrobe SupervisorGabriella Napolitano*
    35. Wardrobe CrewTess Henderson*, Amanda Judd*, Alyx Levesque*
    36. Automation OperatorShawn R. Watkins*
    37. Music OperatorStephanie Elfont*

    * UCF student. † UCF faculty/staff member.

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