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College of Arts and Humanities


January 22 - February 1
Theatre, Main Stage(107)

Cost: $20 standard, $18 senior, $10 student

by Tom Stoppard
Directed by Kate Ingram

1809, on an elegant English estate, thirteen year-old Thomasina makes a startling scientific discovery that will change the way people understand the world. Around her, the adults, including her tutor Septimus, are preoccupied with secret desires, illicit passions, and intense rivalries. Two hundred years later, academic adversaries Hannah and Bernard, under the scrutinizing eye of a young mathematician, are piecing together puzzling clues, uncovering the past scandals of the estate, in their quest for an increasingly elusive truth.

“Stoppard’s richest, most ravishing comedy to date, a play of wit, intellect, language, brio and...emotion. It’s like a dream of levitation: you’re instantaneously aloft, soaring, banking, doing loop the loops... The playwright is a daredevil pilot who’s steady at the controls.” - The New York Times

“Full of complex ideas and pleasures one expects from this master of dramatic composition.” - Time Out New York

Arcadia Reading Materials

We’ve created some reading materials to provide some context to Arcadia. The notes are formatted for easy printing, so please, download and read them. The biographies, historical information, and glossary will enhance your enjoyment of the play.

Please join us on Friday, January 23 for a preshow discussion featuring director Kate Ingram and UCF Physics Associate Professor Enrique Del Barco.


  • Further Reading

    A Note from the Dramaturg

    Tom Stoppard set Arcadia at the cusp of a marked age of new brilliance— twice. With both the Industrial Revolution in 1809 and the Internet Boom in 1999, an apex of the public’s belief in technology and science began to manifest and consequently so did a trust in one another. This confidence in the unseen and the desire to continually pursue knowledge as a form on humanity are central themes in the play. The character of Hannah says to Valentine, “It’s wanting to know that makes us matter.”

    “Energy has the ability to transform but can be neither created nor destroyed.” — Sir Isaac Newton

    —Teresa Kilzi, dramaturg

    A Note from the Tom Stoppard

    Czech-born playwright Tom Stoppard has written for radio, television, film and stage. In 1998 he co-wrote the Academy Award-winning screenplay for the film Shakespeare in Love. His other works include A Walk on the Water (1960), Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead (1964), Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (1978), The Real Thing (1982), Rock ‘n’ Roll (2006) and of course, Arcadia (1993).

  • Cast


    1. Thomasina CoverlyAbigail Cline; U/S Helena Whittaker
    2. Septimus HodgeEric Earley; U/S Glenn Lorandeau
    3. JellabyJarrett Poore
    4. Ezra ChaterPatrick Sylvester; U/S Mike Nilsson
    5. Richard NoakesKody Grasset; U/S Mike Nilsson
    6. Lady CroomKimberly Hough; U/S Claney Outzen
    7. Captain BriceAustin Palmer; U/S Mike Nilsson
    8. Augustus CoverlyMikey Reichert; U/S Nicholas John Wood Jr.
    9. Hannah JarvisMadelyn James; U/S Stephanie Frosch
    10. Chloe CoverlyDevan Seaman; U/S Lauren Perillo
    11. Bernard NightingaleBlaine Edwards; U/S Tyler Houck
    12. Valentine CoverlyPatrick Mounce; U/S Patrick Sylvester
    13. Gus CoverlyMikey Reichert; U/S Nicholas John Wood Jr.

    Creative Team

    1. DirectorKate Ingram
    2. Assistant Production ManagerPeggy Carter
    3. DramaturgTeresa Kilzi
    4. Stage ManagerMaddie Musser
    5. Assistant Stage ManagersVeronica Maranitz, Savanna Shurman
    6. Scenic DesignerJoseph Rusnock
    7. Props MasterJena Chang
    8. Technical DirectorJohn Heil
    9. Assistant Technical DirectorMike Layton
    10. Lighting DesignerAlyx Jacobs
    11. Master ElectricianMatt Decker
    12. Costume DesignerDan Jones
    13. Sound DesignerTanner Best

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