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Dale Ward began his professional career as a stagehand and stage manager while a student at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, in 1971. During the summers, he worked with the prestigious summer stock company, Kenley Players, and during the rest of the year, when classes would allow, he worked with I.A.T.S.E. Local #12, where he became a member in 1975. In the fall of 1976, he left Columbus for Chicago where he joined the tour of Fiddler on the Roof with Zero Mostel. This tour ultimately landed him on Broadway.

During his eighteen plus years in New York, Dale moved from being a Broadway stagehand to a production manager of live events including the Paris Opera Ballet and the Ballet de Marseilles for the Metropolitan Opera Presentation Department. In addition, he was the production manager for several major touring companies from Europe for the Lincoln Center in New York and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

While working as an independent production manager, he helped establish the highly acclaimed film and video production company known as the Maverick Group. While with Maverick, Dale produced live events, industrial films, commercials, and some of the first music videos for the “upstart” network known as MTV.

Some of his theatre credits include Trixie True Teen Detective and The Heebie Jeebies, both Off-Broadway, and Peter Pan with Sandy Duncan on Broadway. He was also the associate producer for Two by South, two one act plays written by famed playwright and author Frank South, and produced and directed by Robert Altman.

His music video clients included Epic Records, Atlantic Records, Profile Records, and CBS Records. He produced videos for artists such as The Manhattans, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Supreme Team, Robert Hazard, and Run DMC. He also produced television pilots for HBO, Showtime, and MTV.

Dale has produced documentary films, point of purchase films, music videos, commercials, and television pilots, on all mediums from 1” video tape to 35mm film. He even worked with Sony Broadcast on some of the first High Definition Television production techniques in 1982.

In 1987, Dale Joined Vanco Stage Lighting, which was bought in 1996 by Production Resource Group, and began to focus his attention on lighting special events for live audiences as well as television and film. He has worked with such notable lighting directors as Bob Dickinson, Bill Klages, Jim Tetlow, and Alan Branton. Some of the production companies that produce major events for television that he has worked with include Smith Hemion, Ken Ehrlichman Productions, and Louis Horovitz Productions. Some of the better known events in which he has been involved with include: the Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards, the Tony Awards, the Republican National Convention, the Democratic National Convention, every inaugural gala since 1989, more than a dozen Super Bowl half-time shows, “Christmas in Washington,” “The Kennedy Center Honors,” and “A Capitol Fourth” and the “Memorial Day concert”, both from the Capitol lawn in Washington, D.C.

In 2006, Dale struck out on his own to provide out-sourced business development for entertainment companies. From film and television productions companies, to major design firms and scenic providers, Dale has used his vast network of entertainment executives to advance the businesses with which he has become involved.

Over 40 years of experience has given Dale a well-rounded understanding, not only of the entertainment industry, but of its application to life. He expects to continue to grow and learn more about this ever-changing industry, and have a positive impact on its future for many years to come.

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