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Max Croft

Max Croft

UCF Digital Media

Max Croft has spent thirty-five years working in theater, video, radio, television, movies, the internet, and traditional and 3-D animation, an impressive list that includes failures and successes. He started work in the digital world before there were mouses to click the way and he brought these experiences and his producing background with him when he joined UCF’s department of Digital Media over eight years ago. In his youthful, idealistic days, Mr. Croft was an actor. His professional acting life took him to many small stages, sound stages and back alleys in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. These years taught him to be a big believer in the pursuit of happiness. His inexperience and persistence lead to many happy accidents and opportunities along his professional trail, so, the ultimate message in any of his classes is to jump into the industry with both feet and be aware of the options...don't just watch, participate.

During a decade in Los Angeles, Mr. Croft presented more than seventy-five plays as the executive producer/owner of the acclaimed Tamarind Theatre, and as managing director of the award-winning Pacific Repertory Theatre Ensemble. His independent production company produced music videos and developed film projects. In the corporate world, his work with the multi-million dollar Westgate Resorts centered on the creation of a full advertising agency, which focused on branding new resorts, building and programming a new radio station and creating media for television, internet and print.

His work in sports marketing started with the Championship group and included coordinating the SOCKO-sponsored extreme beach sport championships and working as a media representative for the Panasonic Formula One racing team.

For the last several years, Mr. Croft has produced 3-D and traditional animation for television and feature film including SHEENA for Columbia Television, Adam Sander’s Eight Crazy Nights for Columbia pictures, Skate Ratz and Xtreme Tea for NBC Television, and Illumina Gold for Tyndale House Publishers.

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