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Jessica Leiby

Jessica Leiby

Universal Studios
Full-Time Scenic Painter

Jessica is a recent UCF graduate of the Performing Arts Theatre program with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Design and Technology. Following her dream to work in a theme park Jessica worked at Walt Disney World as a Technician for her summer internship. There she realized just how large a scope theatrical entertainment really is, from rolling a 200 pound rubber ball up the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt show set, catching Tinker Bell after her flight across the Magic Kingdom Park, to ducking from eight foot winged spanned vultures named baby landing on the top of the booth at the Animal Kingdom bird show and taking classes to learn about theatrical pyro technics, the internship opened many doors.

With such versatile environments that theme parks have to offer immediately after graduating in 2013, Jessica started her career as a pyro technician at Universal Studios. There she had many opportunities to work on special events like Halloween Horror Nights, Rock the Universe, Macy’s, and Mardi Gras as a stage hand and special effects technician. Also she has had the pleasure of working along side the Art and Design team as a freelance artist decorating the Universal streets and the Grinchmas set for Christmas. She has also had the pleasure to work at Sea World as a Scenic Art Crafts Person. There she repaired and repainted props, set pieces, as well as the ride cue lines. Some of her major projects included repainting the front entrance to the Kraken roller coaster ride, along with maintaining the set pieces for the Alure Call of the Ocean acrobatics show. She now currently works full time at Universal Studios as a Scenic Artist. There she maintains the park to keep it looking brand new so that everyday all the guest will have a pleasurable experience walking through the park. Some of her favorite projects she has worked on so far included the Jurassic Park water ride repainting the rocks by the splash zone while it was down for rehab, as well as maintaining the Sponge Bob Store, and air brushing neon skulls for the Universal Store for Halloween Horror Nights. As a student who attended the PAB events and experienced first hand what an impact these events can have on ones future in the entertainment industry, she is compelled to help students and encourage them to attend the events to help build networking skills along with interviewing skills.

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